“…Trained at Chelsea and the Slade. The feeling in her painting is from somewhere else again, somewhere hot and still…The air is heavy with silent thought…”
Elizabeth Hillard, Arts Review, 1988

“…she is among that fortunate few who are born artists…”
Max Wykes-Joyce, Arts Review, 1991

“…From Matisse she has learnt… to see simplicity in complexity…”
Mark Glazebrook, An Introduction, 1991

“…Figurative artist… who survived our school isms.”
Giles Auty, The Spectator, 1991

“…The artist is a bold designer and even bolder colourist…”
Giles Auty, The Spectator, 1993

“…Magda is concerned with solid things-furniture, walls, people - and with establishing their solidity with bold and often flat planes of strong colour… Her method of building up solid form with strong planes of colour is monumental… This makes her portraits particulary successful…”
Elizabeth Hillard, Arts Review, April 1988

“…When he was a student at the Beaux-Arts, his teachers advised Matisse - 'Copy Nature stupidly' In his 82nd year he enunciated what he had learned from six decades of painting - a simple colour acts on the inner feelings of the viewer with the greatest force when it is at its simplest' - a truth wich Magda Kozarzewska has already learned…”
Max Wykes-Joyce, Accademico d'Italia, International Association of Art Criti, April 1991