2005+2007 Organised an exhibition of collages for students with learning disabilities at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.
1997-2002 Worked as an Artist in Residence at Eton College, being the only artist in the history of the College to paint an interior of the Lower Chapel.
1992-1997 Taught painting and drawing at the Royal College of Art. Various and extremely talented students including Henry Moore's daughter, Ann Moore
1982-2005 Took part in various exhibitions including National Portrait Gallery, Royal Academy, Heyward Gallery, MOMA- Warsaw, Geffrye Museum, Aylesbury County Museum, Ashmolean Museum.
1991 The youngest artist representing UK in an international exhibition at the MOMA in Warsaw.
1981 Amy Sadur Friedlander Award for Painting.
1977 First student from the Eastern Block (Poland) to be accepted by the Slade School of Fine Art.